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Order packages for tests

Packoorang delivers large quantities of packaging. Due to this, we allow you to order packaging that you can touch, see and test before making your large order.

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Flexible Ripstop Bag (FRB)

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Reusable up to 500 times

Packoorang designs and produces packaging that can circulate the market up to 500 times. We deliver the packaging ready to use and handle the return of the empty packaging so that you can dispose it several times.

This is the packaging everyone benefits from.


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tree package package

"We make it easier for large companies to choose greener solutions. Our packaging does not require felling of trees or mass production of new materials. "

Environmentally friendly production

Packoorang recycles bottles and fabrics from clothing factories to make the polyester that acts as an outer layer and protective layer. The padded middle layer that protects the contents of the package is also made of recycled plastic.

We thus have a strong focus on recycling from the very beginning of our production line. With this initiative, we want to reduce new production of cardboard and deforestation.

Petter Gulli

Petter Gulli


"Met this very promising start-up and one of their enthusiastic founders Natasha Jankovic on friday 21.8.20.

Packoorang (what a great name for their business) are making reusable packaging especially tailored for every environmentally conscious business sending parcels through mail. A very smart produkt reducing both material cost and footprint, and in many cases also the size of the package itself allowing more packages on each transport.

Rumors say huge postal services worldwide are very interested. It's stuff like this, and people like her, who make me believe we can transform Norway from oil black to planet green.""

Support and partnership

We got the idea for Packoorang in early 2020, however it has since then grown to become a concept that is being tested by several major leading companies in the market. Over the next five years, we want to be available globally.

In collaboration with and support from:

Innovasjon Norge KI Siva