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Packoorang® is the future cardboard box. Only better.

packoorang-product.jpg – Packoorang
Foldable. Padded. Weatherproof.

Upgrade your packaging.


Loyalty maker

Cardboard and fillers don’t do you any favors as a brand. They are inconvenient, dull and leave many customers with a feeling of guilt. Packoorang® on the other hand, is easy to open and easy to return – and for a reward – leaving your customers with a positive experience.


Cost saver.

Shipping air is expensive. Packoorang® shapes around the content inside it, saving you up to 30% on shipping. As a bonus, retailers report an average of 40 seconds saved on packing time per shipment. Finally, reusable packaging frees up significant storage space in wearhouses.


Brand builder.

Sustainable marketing drives revenue. Unilever reported in 2019 that their purpose-driven brands grew 69% faster than their other brands. Additionally, the Packoorang® is both padded and weatherproof and comes with optional sealing, keeping products safer.

What can I ship in a Packoorang®?


With the optional 3mm padding, Packoorang® keeps your products safe. Place the item in the bottom of the bag and roll it up with our patent pending design. We’ve drop tested with perfume bottles and we have successfully shipped lightbulbs in the mail.


Our standard Packoorang® is durable and weatherproof, and comes with two sealing options to prevent unauthorized access. The flexible design allows you to ship less air while having the freedom to fit as many items as needed.


Soon we are launching our first thermo products. Both Packoorang® and our new Boxoorang™ will be offered in insulated versions. Thermo packaging is great for protecting important and high-value cosmetics, food and medical products.

Everything else

Packoorang® comes in many shapes and sizes and can even be tailor made to suit your product range – on request. Our largest standard size is 200 x 140 cm and will fit items such as
snowboards, lamps and large pillows.

See how the Packoorang protects your goods

Ready to make a difference?

Elevate your brand with carbon neutral packaging. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist your business.